Hello www!

This is the first post in my new, personal website.

During the last 15 years I have always been present on the www in various forms: my first personal site was created on the university servers during the thesis, long ago in 1998.

Then I created a webspace on Xoom, which eventually burned in 2002, loosing all my data (few non-vital pages, actually). That was the time I learnt to backup data, the hard way.

Then I opened a blog on splinder.com (with a disguised identity), which contained all my “creative” ideas, with riddles, short tales, and some very nerdy puns.

The personal-professional aspects mixed on my new blogger space named cernio.blogspot.com, starter in 2006, where I began to talk about web technology, VoIP and the most inflated word of the history “web 2.0”. Retrospectively, this was more a notepad (or, the original meaning of weBlog) than a communication tool.

Having a true passion for cooking, riding the wave of the food blogs starting around, I opened my really personal and rarely updated untoebasta.com. It works now as my personal online recipe book.

Then I started to open an account on every  “free” online social service available. After this period of confusion and uncertainty (it looks like the Dark Ages) I eventually maintained few of them:


But something was missing. Something that was more than a social application, something that was less specialized than the previously opened blogs. Something I could use to share thoughts that cannot find place on 140 characters or in a status. Something that can represent me on the www.

This blog is what I was looking for.  A new challenge, a new stimulus, a new piece of me.



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  • 2013-03-15 at 13:33

    welcome 🙂

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